Enthralling Places of Alor Setar


Alor Setar has countless historical places situated throughout the city. Travelers visiting Alor Setar find it thrilling to explore its historical origins along with its prevailing significance on modern day to day lifestyle. Some of the most notable cultural structures in Alor Setar are Balai Nobat, Balai Besar, Kota Kuala Kedah & museums are Muzium Negeri, Muzium Diraja Kedah, Muzium Paddy etc. The elegance of these cultural or historical places has enthralled tourists from all over the world. Moreover, it is important to note that the government administrative departments have played a crucial role in preserving & conserving the historical past of Alor Setar in its natural form which has inspired people with wisdom & knowledge
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The Grand Audience Hall or Balai Besar attracts tourists for its immensely beautiful building designs & architecture. The construction of the Great Audience Hall was completed by 1735 under the instructions of Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Adilin II who specifically built it for the people of Kedah. As the 26th Sultan of Kedah, he was cherished for his remarkable public service along with constructing infrastructures for facilitating people of his own region. He was loved by his people for his tranquility & wisdom. Till now, his portrait could be found in most of the shops of Alor Setar.

One of the notable mosques of Alor Setar is Masjid Zahir. People of various ethnic groups visit this mosque for prayer & touring. It shows the unity among the people of Malaysia in spite of their religious indifference. Tourists are attracted towards the mosque for its glorifying architecture showing various arches & columns. The unique features are its designs & its structurally stable architecture. Even after all these
years, it has stood erect unblemished of any damage. People often think about its sturdy nature seeing its huge central hall meant for prayer meet along with its multiple domes.

The Balai Nobat is another such amazing piece of architecture which creates a feeling of trepidation among the minds of travelers. At one point of time, the Balai Nobat used to house the royal orchestra. The spiraling music produced from the royal orchestra used to resonate among the walls of the Balai Nobat. Its unique architecture after so many years still thrills everyone. The instruments kept at the Balai Nobat were of significant importance as they were used in some of the crucial events such as weddings, ceremonies etc. The instruments usually kept at the Balai
Nobat are gendang, serunal, nafiri etc. These instruments were played at each ceremony marking some of the crucial events of the history of Alor Setar.

Surprisingly, the royal orchestra used to play Nobat music using Gendang, Serunal, Nafiri etc. The Gendang represents a drum with parchment stretched along a hollow cylinder, Serunal refers to a instrument similar to the clarinet while Nafiri represents a long trumpet like instruments. Tourists at Balai Nobat are generally given a tour of the whole tower along with the information about the haunting Nobat music.

Overall, Alor Setar is a great place to visit along with families & friends.

Singapore – the best destination to go for honeymoon


Well, it is very man’s dream to coat, wed and go for a honeymoon. Isn’t that, right? It is usually upon the bridegroom to the best place to take as per the world tradition. I guess it might be different you or any other person. However, the most important thing is that you have gone for a honeymoon. When searching for a honeymoon destination always consider the following, distance, food, accommodation, interesting sites, transportation cost, photo taking sites and so forth. What’s more, it is easier you to find even a more cheap place in Singapore contrary to other parts of the globe.

That said than done, Singapore has a gorgeous destination that will your honeymoon memorable all your life. When you fly to Singapore for your honeymoon, don’t bypass the Gardens by the Bay. It is one of the memorable statues ever to stand on Singapore soils. It has unquestionable design making it a perfect photo shooting destination. The Gardens by the Bay has all sought of the plant from every corner of this world except Antarctica.

Another site that would offer you a romantic as well as nerve-calming feeling is The Chocolate Bar. Located in the Singapore, The Chocolate Bar is one of the best destinations to visit with your fiancée and enjoy a nice buffet. At The Chocolate Bar, you will have a chance of choosing your favorite chocolate at a very reasonable cost.

Singapore has incredible hotel and restaurant making it a perfect joint for the newly wedded. The hotel in Singapore are of high class, what’s more, they have employed professional staffs who serve every individual without minding their place of origin. Hotels in Singapore serve all kinds of foodstuff, ranging from traditional to contemporary. I guess you will not miss out on your favorite traditional meals. Besides, these hotels offer the best prices on accommodation, internet service as well as meals. Additional, a number of these hotels have beauty parlor.

Fort Canning Trail could be another exceptional place for you to visit with your fiancée. It is an incredible park that takes into account your honeymoon desires. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourselves amidst the luxuriant greenery. As you enjoy yourselves, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the Singapore history. The Forth Canning Trail has a long history traced by in the 18th century.

It is clear that Singapore is an exceptional nice place for a couple who want to take their romantic journey further. However, have you imagined of the finest ways of booking as well as paying for your accommodation in abstentious? Well, booking for accommodation in Singapore is only a click away. Thanks to the internet. As a matter of fact, hotels in Singapore have secure booking as well as online payment systems. To book for any hotel in Singapore, you are supposed to make a call to the hotel that is within your financial means. It’s up to you to decide on whether you are going make full payment or clear up payments later.